A niche is a business or service....

that serves a highly targeted market group. A niche is a business idea. When you zero in on a niche, you are identifying a target audience or target market you want to serve.


Niche Marketing Is So Important


find a niche
Today’s business environment is so competitive that a small business’s best bet is to focus on developing niche products where there is less competition from large firms. By making a website based around a highly focused niche you reduce considerably the number of competitors that you have. Out there in the ‘real’ world, small businesses don’t have a half fair chance of competing against the giant international corporations of the world. The Internet has evened the odds for small business.

Golf Putt

golf putt

Improve Your Golf Putt!
How about that for a niche. How many duffers are looking for a way to beat their buddies out on the green?
How many guys are looking to make a little green by improving their putting and their overall score?
Golfing is a niche, Improve your golf swing is a sub-niche where plenty of money is spent.




Niche Marketing

niche marketingThe word ‘niche’ is defined as: “A special area of demand for a product or service”. ‘Marketing’ is defined as: “The opportunity to buy or sell”. If you put the two works together, niche marketing means buying or selling a product or service in a special area of demand. All that really means is that a product or service is being sold to the people who are most interested in that particular product or service and not to the world in general.

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